Greater London, England
27 November 2021
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Blue eyed leucistic python


Hi reptile lovers!

I am saddened to have to sell my beloved Lucifer but the reason for this is because I've had a new baby and my partner has moved in - we no longer have the time nor space for our snake.

Lucifer is a gorgeous blue eyed leucistic python. Russo x Mojave USA captive bred. He has piercing blue eyes, he is just over two years old. I am not sure how long he is as I haven't gotten around to measuring him but I assume he is around 3 foot long. He enjoys sleeping during the day and exploring at night. He loves feeding on medium mice around once a week - sometimes twice a week if he's greedy. He sheds well and passing faeces as normal. He only gets aggressive when he is hungry, during feeding or afterwards. He doesn't like to be disturbed during and after the feeding process. He is mostly gentle and docile.

Lucifer will come with a full set up. The tank, heating lamp, thermostat from Microclimate, LED light, thermo/hydrometer and a water dish. The tank also comes with artificial plants and barks that acts as two hides. Lucifer gets very stressed and doesn't eat if the tank is bare and spacey, he likes the tank busy. The tank also comes with a cabinet underneath for storage so you can put in extra bark, bedding etc in cabinet.

P.S The snake can be bought separately if you don’t need the tank! It’ll cost you £250 for the snake alone

Price: £500
Gender: Male
Colour: White
Contact Information
Phone: 07823385889
Address: Greater London, England,
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